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Let us introduce you to Staffing, an easy-to-use business software application incorporating scheduling, payroll, and billing. It provides you with one seamless solution, designed specifically for your staffing agency.  If your business sells or books the time and services of employees and contractors to customers, Staffing is perfect for you.

If you need a more detailed look at Staffing's features, click one of the links above for screenshots and a brief description of the flow of procedures.

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Staffing's goal is to simplify your agency's operations. It saves you time and money, gives back control over your cash flow, and returns your office personnel to recruiting staff and developing customers.

Reports are available to meet every purpose. The program is designed for Network Operation, and everything is explained in a detailed HELP File. You will find Staffing a Top-of-the-line product at an affordable price.

Interested in giving Staffing a try, click on this
Free Download for an installable, Windows compatible, Demo Version of Staffing. The Demo is the complete system, only limited to about 60 days of use. Or, go to the Contact Page and send your name, address, and phone number in an email. A CD with the Demo version will be mailed.

Thank you for your interest in StaffingWe appreciate your business.

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